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Project Description

Danish specialist in logistic solutions. Company is delivering complete warehouse management solution including custom software solution with set of pre-integrated hardware

Customer’s needs:
Customer was developing a new version of the warehouse management system. First version was meant to be used by small to medium size customers. The main functionality was related to collecting goods in warehouse and prepare package for delivery. Mobile terminal application would support dedicated terminal devices and popular models of smartphones powered by Android and Windows mobile.

Softiti engineers were fully responsible for a mobile terminal application development, UX/UI design and were working with customer team developing backend system.

Our solution:
Softiti in short time has created initial team consist of 1 backend system senior engineer, 1 mobile application senior developer, 1 UX/UI designer and developer and a project manager to work with customer on project definition and planning. We advised our customers during process of selection and choosing modern technologies which can be used for new product development and project development planning. After planning stage project development team was extended and we started addressing already planned work. Work was planned and executed according to agile methodology. Close cooperation with customer product manager and Developers’ team was a key to success here.

Mobile terminal application for popular smartphones (Android and Windows), supporting bar code reader. User interface is clear and friendly. Application is easy to use and has enhanced the productivity of workers.

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