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A company which is an expert on the market in the field of heat exchangers. Its offer includes one of the world’s largest portfolio of products in the field of heat exchange: plate heat exchangers, shell-and-tube heat exchangers with ribbed tubes, modular cooling towers and equipment for refrigeration and air conditioning for a broad range of applications. They operate on the global markets in the energy industry, oil refining, chemical, marine, food and HVAC.

Customer’s needs:
The customer needed to build an IT team, whose main task will be to develop new and maintain existing applications. These applications are used to design sanitary solutions (associated with cooling or heating, air or liquid) using the components and parts produced by customer. These applications will be designed to sell products via the Internet.

Our solution:
After a thorough analysis of customer requirements, Softiti began providing appropriate specialists. These were both engineers of programming JavaScript, Java, .NET, C # as well as analysts and administrators. We all realize current client’s projects.

Advanced application supporting sales via internet. The application is used to design sanitary solutions. The solutions are based on components and parts produced by customer.

6 people


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