Most often we work on the following models:

We recommend this model especially when it is difficult in the initial stage of define the range, schedule and the shape of project and when you need more control over the quality of work.You pay for actual work carried out on the basis of reports of working time of our specialists. You will be able to freely change the project specifications and add new elements.
In such a situation this model significantly reduces costs because we do not add additional costs of possible risk to the rates.

Fixed Price
In advance, already at the stage of the negotiation of contract, we set a fixed price for the project together with the scope and schedule.
You choose the fixed price when;
-you have defined precisely the scope and the schedule of workss
-you do not have the necessary competence to implement this type of project and they are not generally available on the market.

Regardless of the model you always have full control over the project. We keep you informed on the progress and we issue invoices when you accept the receipt of the next element of code.

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